This outline is designed to help you organize and navigate the process of building a new home. The steps can vary so please discuss with your Structure agent.


Get acquainted and review your plans, our plans, other concepts and identify a direction for your design.

- Identify your new home site that best suits your needs and that properly fits the plan or concept that you have in mind.

- Discuss your budget and financial goals for the project with your builder. It is very important to be clear about your goal so that we can guide you and your design to achieve the investment you desire.

- Meet with a lender and provide a pre-qualification letter with underwriters’ approval to your builder. In today’s lending environment it is important to get a firm commitment from a lender that you can proceed with this transaction. GJ Gardner can provide you with a list of preferred lenders that offer competitive rates.


- Sign a Pre-Construction Agreement with GJ Gardner – Golden. This includes an initial deposit which is credited to the Total Purchase Price of the home.

- The deposit includes the management and expertise provided by the builder for the home design, engineering and coordination thereof.

- At this time you will engage in design conversations and begin the process of creating and identifying your style, desired floor plan, and exterior and interior elevations. This is a process which first involves sketches and concepts that will transform into eventual working drawings.

- The Builder will order a soils investigation unique to your lot and home to ensure the best possible engineering design.

- When the soils investigation is complete, if you decide to move forward, the Builder will order structural engineering of plans and foundation.


- Sign a Home Construction Agreement with the Builder. This agreement outlines the purchase price, the payment terms and financing and outlines the process of construction of your new home. This may require an additional deposit, depending on financing arrangement.

- Builder submits for permit and plan review.

- Owner closes on the construction financing, if applicable.

- When permit is received and approval given, construction begins.